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Bob Florence Contractor, Inc

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Bob Florence Contractor, Inc

For executive or managerial offices and healthcare settings that require greater privacy, the ULTRAWALL® system is the perfect sound barrier. Yet even with its superior performance, the system is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Wall panels with a pass-through sliding window kit provide both convenience and privacy.

UltraWall PanelsPartition wallsBlack trim


ULTRAWALL® Panels in a complete office installation can be easily reconfigured as your needs change.

Partition walls create workplace sound control.

Black trim on these offices was selected to match the existing ceiling grid.

ULTRAWALL® Demountable Wall System

ULTRAWALL® Demountable Wall System

The ULTRAWALL® System is ideal for settings that require beautiful appearance, generous glazing, and excellent sound and fire performance. It is an ideal choice for most office settings and for other spaces requiring privacy.

Fast Assembly

Ceiling track and floor runner are installed first. Then studs engage into the kerfed edges of gypsum panels to align panels.

Wire Management

Wiring for utilities, telecommunications, and data systems can run either vertically or horizontally in the wall.


Door openings, sidelights, and glass walls can be located at any point along the wall. T- or H-studs accommodate different panel configurations or finishes on opposite sides of the wall. To accommodate changing space requirements, the walls can be easily relocated.

Finish Selection

Standard finishes include fabric and vinyls. Custom finishes available. Call Bob Florence customer service for samples.

Fire and Sound Insulation

Thermafiber® sound attenuation fire blankets can be placed in the wall cavity to increase sound and fire ratings. Thermafiber® blankets are paperless, semi-rigid, mineral fiber mat 24” x 48” (610 mm x 1219 mm) in 1” or 1½” (25 or 38 mm) thickness.



Ceiling Track
Steel— 3⅝” (92 mm) width, 1¼” (32 mm) flange. Painted.
Extruded Aluminum— Flanged rail (ARL-300). 3⅝” (92 mm) width, 1¼” (32 mm) flange. Satin anodized or ultrabronze standard finishes. Paint finish optional.

¾” x 24” (19 x 619 mm) Type X USG. Factory kerfed, bevel edge to fit stud.

Steel— Roll-formed galvanized steel “H” or “T” configuration. Studs terminate 3” (75 mm) from floor and ceiling to accommodate utility passage and floor-to-ceiling height variations.

Floor Track
extruded Aluminum– 3¾” (95 mm) width, ¾” (19 mm) flange. Steel— Galvanized Steel. 1⅞” (48 mm) width, 1⅛” (29 mm) flange. Optional.

Floor Base
PVC— 4” (102 mm) Extruded vinyl snap-on base. Standard colors available. Glue-on base optional.

Extruded Aluminum with satin anodized or standard paint finishes.

Extruded Aluminum— SMR-Delta. Self mortising, reversible. Full height or mitered door frames. Satin anodized or standard paint finishes.

Choose from hinged or sliding door products in aluminum, hardwood, paint grade, or plastic laminate, including prefinished architectural doors. Glass inserts available. Door hardware to match building standard or as specified.

Extruded Aluminum components engineered for ¼” tempered glass. Satin anodized or standard paint finishes. All glass supplied by Bob Florence Contractor, Inc. shall be tempered glass and each piece will display the required label.



Cavity Width
1⅞” (48mm)

Wall Width
3⅜” (86 mm)

STC Range

Fire Rating
1 hour

Flame Spread/smoke developed (vinyl)
Class A

Footnote:  1. ULTRAWALL® partitions can be modified to meet more stringent fire and sound requirements.

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1934 S. Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66612

Fax - 785-357-6514

Call - 785-357-0341

Bob Florence Contractor, Inc